What is Profane’s Story?

Every adventure needs a setting to call its own.

Profane takes place in Semisus, an ever-changing world floating in the cosmos, influenced by mystical forces known only by a few.

But don’t expect us to simply give out the whole story of this world to you! Rather than telling every detail here, from the creation of the world to the ruins of the past and fallen empires, the adventurer who decides to explore Semisus will find fragments of truth during his/her journey.

You are a Fel-Vedai, born of your land, given free will to be whoever you want and to do whatever you want. Even your appearance can vary much more than any human ever could, creating a plethora of faces and bodies.

The only knowledge you possess is that centuries ago the continent of Garun Vedai was controlled by the Inquisition, a military-religious organization whose mission was to eliminate Sorcerers and take control of the crystals that empowered them. Or at least that’s what they said at the time. The Inquisition was left behind when your ancestors set out to colonize the distant islands of the Crescent Archipelago. There they discovered many secrets that they could’ve never imagined.

Who was behind the Inquisition and what crystals were these capable of creating Sorcerers? Whatever existed in Garun Vedai before your ancestors were expelled from there? And what are these strange magical ruins that are all over the Crescent Archipelago?

What stories will you create in Profane?


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