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Getting to know the concept of Profane

If you loved the idea of ​​Profane and want to understand a little more about the universe of this Sandbox MMORPG, this post is for you!  🤓🤓🤓🤓

Let’s start with the basics, what is Profane? Profane is a Sandbox MMORPG set in a medieval world with Action Combat, open PVP, full loot, no classes or levels, focused on adventure and freedom. By starting his/her journey, the player will be free to venture any way he/she wants, with no need to follow a predetermined path.

Freedom is the main concept of the game, so we believe PVP can happen anywhere! But make no mistake, it does not mean that Profane is a world without laws, there will be consequences to all of your actions! Our game will feature a Karma System, ensuring that players with negative or positive Karma are identified, including consequences for both cases.

The player can and must change the world in which he/she lives in, creating cities from scratch, helping to evolve regions and factions or perhaps destroying them! The Faction Reputation and Territorial Domination systems will put the player in complete control of the world!

Combat will also be a way for everyone to show their style and identity! The player will be able to choose the weapons they like best and use magic through the Elemental Skills! We don’t want players to choose a class and get stuck with a single combat style, skill or weapon! Our intention is for players to create their style and to be free to change it whenever they feel like it! Also, the game will have several skins so the player can show his/her identity and style to everyone!

Elemental skills will only be learned by exploring the world, so if you want to learn and discover different forms of combat you have to venture away. The more you explore, the more spells you will learn!

But take it easy! It’s no use being a “try-hard” and go out on a blood lust for power thinking you’re going to get the upper hand! Our Combat Build System is inspired by a Deck of Cards, so no matter how many skills you learn, you can only equip a limited number on your deck! Tested a build that didn’t work? Change your skills and try a new style!

Still about combat, our game design is more focused on the player’s skills and strategies than on equipment. Items will work more as a bonus or attribute because it wouldn’t make sense to invest so much in upgrading equipment and weapons that can be easily lost during a fight! What will matter the most is the player’s skills and knowledge of the game in general! Since the game is ACTION you must be sharp in combat!

We believe our concept will avoid power gaps between new and veteran players! What will make a player powerful is how well he knows Profane, both mechanically and strategically! For example, knowing maps well can save you from enemy ambushes! At the same time, being in sync with your group will have an advantage during clashes!

It will also be possible to progress in a nonlinear way through the concept of Achievements, where the player can earn bonuses through his/her achievements, such as venturing into certain inhospitable regions or performing extraordinary feats. This way you can collect different achievements according to your journey!

If you want to conquer more achievements, naturally you will have to work harder! Just don’t get too excited, achievements won’t make you an ultra-powerful player! And one more tip: Focusing too much on achievements can be a big risk! You already know why right?  👇

Profane is Full Loot! If you stay in the same place for a long time, chances are you will be ambushed and lose all of your items! Remember to always leave home carrying only what’s necessary.

Speaking of homes, let’s talk a little bit about these mechanics! Profane is Sandbox, that means every player action can change the game’s landscape! The idea is that you have one or more bases in the world and from there you can decide what will your journey be like! You can have several houses around the world, the problem is that it will take more work to maintain them! They are not immune to natural effects and can also be destroyed by other players, so keeping them repaired and with a protective flag is essential!

Inside your home, you can store items/resources and set up your workstation! In addition to being a safe place, it’s the ideal place to stock up resources, so in the case of an ambush, you can teleport to your base to equip yourself again and maybe get your items back! 😈 

Our intention is not only creating a Sandbox world, but we are also working to make it dynamic and alive! Monsters and creatures will not always be in the same places, items and resources can be obtained differently over time. This concept is very important for our Game Design, we want to break these boring over excessive “grinding” and “farming” cycles so common in MMORPGs. We believe that in a dynamic and alive world the element of surprise will be much more present for our adventurers!

Is our wish to make Profane an MMORPG where all players can interact with each other no matter where they are! We are working to create a world where each map region is hosted on one server, but all servers will be part of the same world map and players will be free to navigate from one region to another, changing servers.

We intend to have servers from different countries integrated into the same map. Meaning we don’t want servers that give access to a duplicate instance or parallel servers playing the same game where players can never meet! If you live in Brazil and want to visit a region that is hosted on a US server, for example, you can simply navigate there!

We want to give players the freedom to navigate and cross over to foreign server regions. Just be aware that by doing so, there is the additional risk of being “away from home” and the possibility of suffering from latency! When it comes to Profane the risk is even greater, as it is an Action and Full Loot game! Also, no one over there will be speaking your language!

It’s part of Profane’s Game Design to have a single story and timeline that is built by players no matter where they live!

What if all of the maps get too full? Simple, we will create new servers with new regions where players must choose whether to move to new lands or defend their stay in the same place!

We truly believe in this idea because it is the true essence of an MMORPG in the MASSIVE and true SANDBOX category, having its story built by players. The challenge is huge and for that, we are taking a long time in engineering! For now, we cannot guarantee that it will be like that, but we want to know what you think about this idea.


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