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Will Profane’s graphics go through a rework?

We want to share with you the direction we are trying to follow with the Rework of Profane. We intend to enhance the graphics but preserving the style and art direction. To achieve this result, our team is working hard, researching new techniques and technologies that will help us achieve the results below but without compromising the performance. You can already notice that our art is getting even richer and full of details!

Anyone who played or saw pictures of the Profane’s Pre-Alpha version must have noticed some great differences. We had already made some visual improvements to the test version (only available for Brazilian’s community), and for the rework, we want to get an even better result. The above scenes are not in-game, but they represent what our goal is! We are also working on the composition of cities and scenarios to make them look more natural and personal, and the same attention is being paid to playable characters and NPCs. Below you can see the evolution of the Banker and the Hunter, for example.

Hey, did you like it? We really hope so!

Till next time!


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