The influence of the 5 Elements on Profane’s cultures.

The process of creating cultures, factions and cities goes far beyond the artwork, in fact, it is the result of the teamwork! It starts with the narrative built by the Game Designers based on the needs of the game, then, the content takes shape through the initial concepts solidifying the ideas of Protoculture.

In Profane, the 5 Elements that once inhabited the world influenced the creation of towns, cities, clothing, behavior, magic, combat, and more

Today we will show two Protocultures that grew under the influence of the Elements of Shadow and Fury.

Shadow Arts Elemental

The original culture influenced by the Shadow Arts worshiped knowledge. They believed it was necessary to research the past, document the present, and educate those who would create the future. The communities of this culture used to live in isolation, preferably up in remote mountains, so that they could emerge in their studies without interference from others.

Protoculture of Shadow Arts

The culture of the Fury, on the other hand, revered industry, production, natural resource extraction, and prosperity.

Fury Elemental

They used to populate the interior of mountains rich in natural resources such as metals and precious stones. They built their factories using the strength of their land coupled with the will to wealth.

Protocultura da Fúria

Over time, Protoculture ceased to exist, but their influences persist in the current Semisus times. As in the real world, cultures of the past still leave their mark on the present, influencing everyday life.

By venturing into Profane, players will be able to see the influence of the past on today’s cities, villages and kingdoms. It will be possible, for example, to find a region inhabited by necromancers adept to the Shadow culture, or regions that were the result of the miscegenation of two or three different Protocultures!

We intend to reproduce the evolution of a world that is changing over and over again through time. We want the players to be primarily responsible for these changes, which means that the growth or destruction of certain cultures will be completely influenced by the action of the players, who will write Profane’s story.

Soon we will present more Protocultures. Stay tuned!

See you next time!


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