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Profane’s Business Model Ideas and Concepts

We would like to share the Business Model we have idealized for Profane. But first, let’s clarify some points related to the Game Design: We believe we will achieve our goal with Profane if we can avoid gaps between players, and also if we can ensure that skills and knowledge prevail during a power struggle! We also want the game to be fun and accessible for people of various styles and with different goals.

The Free to Play business model selling only Cosmetic Items is what will help us achieve this result the most, so we’ve decided to go this way! We are studying the possibility of making other types of content that do not impact the game balance being accessible through the purchase of tickets.

Remembering that, while the game is in the Alpha development phase it will be Buy to Play and we will provide Founder Packs for purchase that will give access to Playable Events, Skins and Titles (still in definition) which will always be tied to the player’s account regardless of the version that the game is in.

We estimate that in the Beta version, we will already be able to test the Free to Play model monetizing the game by selling Cosmetic Items. We still don’t have any official dates for implementing these changes, as we are working on the Alpha development, but we consider important to already demonstrate our future intentions!


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